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RENT Management

Once you have decided to rent out your property and we have agreed on a rental price range to market it at, we will organise a series of photos of the property and insert all the necessary information on our database which will automatically advise all our letting consultants – we have a letting consultant who is dedicated to short term lets only. Our website is also updated regularly with all available properties.


Under normal circumstances it should not take too long to match the property to one of our many clients, and once we have verified the references of the client we can organise the rental contract and get it signed. In most cases we would sign the contract on your behalf but should you prefer we could scan the documents and send them to you to confirm and sign.


Tenants are only given keys and access to the property once the rental agreement is signed and deposits and fees paid. Since the rental contract is a separate agreement to the management contract, commission on the rental would be payable to the letting agent involved.


Our letting management package would include the services mentioned in 1 to 3 above and the following;


Collection of the monthly rent and deposit it in your account or as otherwise instructed. We will keep an account of all rents paid together with any deposits and utility contributions.


We would normally also collect a months’ deposit which is kept on account till the termination of the lease. This deposit is used as a guarantee against non payment of rent and also to offset any expenses or damages noted at the end of the lease.

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