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Commercial Building Management

Realhouse Management specialises in commercial building management services that are designed and catered specifically for large offices and other commercial premises, including car parks. 

In various set ups, Realhouse can act as a managing agent for commercial property owners or alternatively or as Administrator for a Tenants' Association. 

The services under this service line include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Regular meetings with landlord or tenants;

  • Preparation and implementation of cost estimates;

  • Collection and management of recurrent maintenance and capital funds;

  • Regular reporting to owner or tenant representatives;

  • Book-keeping and Management accounting;

  • Preventive and Remedial maintenance services;

  • Fire risk assessment, Evacuation procedures, Fire Drills, Fire Warden training;

  • Cleaning & general maintenance services;

  • Supervision and liasing with third party contractors;

  • Car park management services.

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