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Who we are


Andrew Xuereb

founder & director

Andrew Xuereb is the founder of Realhouse and Director of administration and finance.

Also being the Head of the Building Management Section in MDA, he excels at handling a range of aspects, including building and estate management, the preparation of cost estimates, and financial planning as well as the resolution of various management issues amongst owners.

Steve Ganado

Managing director

Stephen Ganado is our director of operations, effectively co-ordinating day-to-day property inspections across all the buildings that Realhouse manages. His role also includes overseeing the organisation of any works that need to be done, and liaising with clients and contractors.


Giselle Micallef Grimaud

office manager

Office manager Giselle Micallef-Grimaud is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks at Realhouse. Primarily, she ensures the office runs smoothly and that our clients are satisfied with our services.

Duncan Overy

Property manager

Duncan is a dynamic individual who enjoys interacting with residents and tenants. He ensures that the required maintenance is promptly reported and attended to, attributing to the enhancement of clients' overall satisfaction. 

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Kris Catania

Property manager

Kris is responsible for our Property Management Division. His dedication towards meeting client needs is one of Realhouse' assets.

He is responsible for our letting management and concierge service division.

Glenn Saliba

Assistant Property Manager

I am a motivated individual who firmly believes in the importance of creating lasting relationships while finding the best possible solutions to people's desires. I believe myself to be a people's person and always do my utmost to achieve any challenges I set out to complete.

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